Year:  2014
Country:  Denmark
City:  Odense
Artist:  Johnny V. Caltalot
Label:  Braincorp rec.
Format:  CD
Tracks:  13
Time:  62 min.
Genre:  electronic
Style:     Rhythmic Noise

Rhythmic Techno Noise solo-artist from Odense, Denmark. Origins from 2007. Released 5 albums now (5th album is now announced and is now available, see down below!); "When 8-bit Meets the Element" (Dark Trance/Dance, released 2009-2010. Free download HERE ). "Plus Plus Ultra", (Techno Industrial/New School Industrial, released 2011. Buy it here: *Currently down, I'm working to get it up again*) "Actments of War", (Techno Industrial/Rhythmic Noise, released 2011-2012. Buy it here: *Currently down, I'm working to get it up again*) and "Otorrhea". (Rhythmic Noise/Industrial Noize, released 2013. Buy it HERE ) "L_R - A Collection of Projects Between 2010-2014" (Rhythmic Noise/Power Noise/Glitch, April 2014, Pay what you want: HERE ). Also featured on the compilation, "Cyberworld XX" back in 2012. You can buy it HERE .
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"Exit ritual"
Year:  2003
Country:  US
City:  Seattle
Artist:  Scott Sturgis
Label:  Ant-zen
Format:  CD
Tracks:  10
Time:  62 min.
Genre:  electronic
Style:     Rhythmic Noise

"Exit Ritual"? Not "Shock Front" or "Blast Furnace"? No, this is the best thing CONVERTER has ever produced, "Ant-Zen Records" has ever released and rhythmic noise has ever given birth to. It’s a very experimental and original album, occasionally creeping up to the precipice of ambient, drone or industrial, but never slipping over the edge. It plays with your emotions, starting off atmospheric and meditative (Drone Ritual), becoming fairly aggressive (Nightmare Machine), moving into a relaxing, tribal space (Gateway Rite), then grabs you and drags you into a pit of madness (Night Swallows Day). Sturgis was apparently taking a Llot of drugs when he made this, and it shows. Not in a pretentious psychedelic way, but in a more schizophrenic and chilling way. I first listened to this album while suffering heavy sleep deprivation on a train through crumbling East German towns, and it seriously wrecked my head, which few albums can do. This is as good as it gets. Essential in its genre.
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Year:  2010
Country:  US , Belarus
City:  Seattle , Minsk
Label:  Invasion Wreck Chords
Format:  CD
Edition:  21 copies
Tracks:  6
Time:  30 min.
Genre:  electronic
Style:      Rhythmic Noise

Scott Sturgis is a Seattle, USA-based music producer, best known for his power noise / rhythmic noise project CONVERTER. The harsh and distorted sounds of CONVERTER were influenced by noise music and artists featured on the Ant-Zen record label. He has since released material on both Ant-Zen and its imprint label "Hymen Records". Sturgis was involved with electro-industrial band Pain Station when he began work on Converter as a side-project in March 1998. Sturgis has since been quoted as saying "Both projects are pretty equal in my eyes and neither one takes precedence over the other right now. Of course, if you ask me which project is more fun to work on, I'd tell you it's Converter." Up until Exit Ritual (made on a Roland MC-909), Sturgis used only an Ensoniq ASR-10 keyboard/sampler to produce music. Sturgis has also worked under the aliases DBS, Notime, and Lowness. Despite CONVERTER has nothing to do with the musical origins of Ambassador 21 (more punk and hardcore oriented) both projects decided to make an EP together, with the same track as a base, but with several remixes. There were also different releseas, but the more luxe, with an artwork more detailled was this one (see here below the pics).
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Picture of Converter — Infest 2005, Bradford UK. Horseyphobia.



"Muzika elektronica"
Year:  2005
Country:  Israel
City:  Tel Aviv
Label:  Esc rec.
Format:  CD
Tracks:  9
Time:  64 min.
Genre:  electronic
Style:      Rhythmic Noise
Experimental      Broken Beats

IGOR KRUTOGOLOV is an experimental multi-instrumentalist and composer from Tel Aviv, Israel. He founded the Klezmer trio Kruzenshtern & Parohod and Igor Krutogolov Karate Band (a mini big band plays grind-core, black metal, rock-n-roll and tango on toy instruments). He also frequently collaborated with Chaos As Shelter, Tidal and Agnivolok as well as various other projects in genres ranging from ambient to improvisation to harsh noise.

"Muzika Elektronica" is a solo release. "Muzika Elektronica" is clearly noise oriented and built using an instrumentarium of drums, washing machine, bass (with cello bow), drum machine and voices. Loud eruptions of distorted sounds with an incredible detailed structure leave just the right amount of breathing room in the form of slow (delicious) bass driven beats and quiet, melodical passages.
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"Sense or nation"
Year:   2013
Country:   UK
City:   Bath
Artist:   Kevin Sanders
Label:   Hairdryer Excommunication rec.
Format:  net
Tracks:  3
Time:   21 min.
Genre:   electronic
Style:      Noise      Ambient      Drone

Since 2008 the experimentalist musician Kevin Sanders has recorded different works under the name of PETALS . With PETALS and until date he has recorded exactly 10 albums and 3 ep´s, most of them throught his own independent label "Hairdryer Excommunication" or another labels like "Beartown Records", "Striate Cortex Records" or "Afternoons Modeling". His musical style has several changes it depend of the album, but almost always there are two common points: drone and noise. There is some album noisier but I choose this one because I think that pretty much sums up the formula of the artist. "Caress (and care less)" consists of a single, unique and long track (over 20 minutes) in which the noise is very moderate and content, and there are constant effects and sounds reminiscent of the typical ambient and drone landscapes. The sound and noise here conveys a sense of total absence of hurry or stress, but on the contrary, conveys a sense that induces calm, quiet and reflection. Very good impression my first contact with PETALS.
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Year:  2014
Country:  UK
City:  Sheffield
Label:  Kiks / Girlfriend rec.
Format:  cassette
Tracks:  5
Time: 60 min.
Genre:  electronic
Style:     Field Recordings

ADAM DENTON plays in a duet called "Trans/Human" and strange, bizarre and abstract noise project with already four works recorded.  They just released a great LP and also he alone has also released music on Blackest Rainbow Records under the name "Swan Hunter". He makes free improvisation and makes prepared and customised instruments for his live performance. Here is also a video of ADAM DENTON performing live aktion HERE . In the other hand, we have the other musician of this split tape called IAN WATSON. He creates his own ring modulator technology and makes FX pedals for many friends in the UK noise scene. He has worked on many noise projects for last 10 years. He now has focalized his attention in a project called SWEFN, making harsh noise, experimental and field recordings. He is also a talented graphic artist with current exhibition in Cardiff, UK. All the "Latencies" material is made using special made technology and is recorded over the internet in live takes. Using one sound in one location to trigger and effect sounds in a different location. For those who want to buy this awesome tape you can write HERE .
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"Navy see res in brighton"
Country:  Japan
City:  Yamanashi
Label:  Matter rec.
Format:  net
Photo  cover:  Yu Miyashita
Tracks:  11
Time:   45 min.
Genre:  electronic
Style:    Glitch    Ambient    Noise

 Electronic Musician as Yu Miyashita aka Yaporigami is running a music studio offering sound design, soundtrack, mixing, mastering services and creating his own works. His style is mostly glitch, ambient and noise which are constructed from digital debris, errors and the processing (often the misuse, reissue or abuse) of normally extraneous sounds, instruments and machinery. Glitch musicians will record bugs, crashes, system errors, hardware noise, skipping and audio distortion on their computers. This album is based on free improvisation, free creativity and pure instinct and was recorded during 2011. This type of music is more textural than structural, cutting together elements of electronic and noise music and even a silence or abscence of sound. Sometimes it remind me musicians like Fennesz or Yugi Kondo, or another noisier like KK Null or Alexei Borisov. Excellent album.
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Year:  2004
Country:  Germany
City:  Düsselford
Artist:  Markus Zimmermann
Label:  Le Petit Machiniste
Format:  CD
Tracks:  13
Time:  48 min.
Genre:  electronic
Style:      Rhythmic Noise

This record opens my mind with the almost "dance" sound of fan blades rotating, gradually increasing for several minutes. If you turn it up all the way you can hear the actual sound of the blades and the spinning, and if you give it any kind of serious EQ boost you will get a speaker-destroying rumble. The sonics on the first track of this record are very physical, personal and internal. The extreme sonics go into a rhythmic noise realm that is very disturbing in sound and funny in nature. The use of live fan-blade manipulation as backing source material of brutal rhythmic noise amplified electronics stems from an innocent exploration of sounds that fascinated the composer from a very young age. The explosive vocal patterns and shouting compositions in some ways recall Markus earlier works with techno and noise,  but always within the extremely individualized and unique lens that this formation of Markus work has materialized into. I have just discovered a little gem and I recommend this album for those who love rhythmic noise and powernoise.
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